Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 31

1. Vintage pictures of children. But not just any children, street urchins... in London! I think if you've read any Dickens, you'll be mesmerized. They're so raw and real, you can almost feel like you can see their little "tough" personalities shine through.

2. The word "dangerous" and "murder" only make this abandoned power plant look even more appealing to explore. The main attraction is the gorgeous graffiti art.

3. How would you like to manage your books with a chain hoist and bosun chair. I just want an excuse for having something like that in my house.

4. This isn't exactly what you picture when you think of magic carpet, but I'm a big fan of unusual furniture and this magic carpet looks great for watching movies with lots of kids sprawled around your living room.

5. Good ol J.K. was up to her old tricks again this week, baiting us all with melodrama. This time, there were no new characters coming out of the closet, instead she's launching an interactive website called Pottermore. I have to admit, I'm intrigued.

6. Banana republic launched a Mad Men line. Save your pennies for all your retro inspired clothing needs.

7. Recipes for the week. It's finally hot here and the basil and tomatoes are eating it up like children with popsicles. Basil and tomatoes call for variations of caprese salad. aka. Caprese grilled pizza and caprese skewers. Yum.

8. I'm kind of obsessed with yellow and gray right now. Bedroom, bathroom, swim suit, fabric.

9. Catechism question for the week: What is effectual calling?
1 sprinkles of fairy dust:

The book shelf thing is fabulous and that magic carpet is so strange. Doesn't look comfortable at all. I love love love the fabric. I want to totally redecorate my house based soley off those fabrics. *sigh*