Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 27

1. Need a good book to read for free? Ten websites where you can download free books. (P.S. I'm pretty sure Gutenberg has most of L.M. Montgomery's books if you're looking for some good old fashioned comfort food).

2. An interesting article on getting cheaper airfare. The gist? Buy a one way ticket and get off at your layover.

3. Looking for a particular movie or TV show? Tell this website what you're looking for, and they'll email you when it shows up locally on your TV/Dish/Online/Whatever.

4. Because of the book I'm writing, I have a current and ongoing fascination with beautiful trash. This flickr series is eye poppingly colorful.

5. Speaking of Flickr. Here are photos from pre revolution Russia. Crazy! It sort of feels like peaking in on Cinderella before a social atomic bomb went off.

6. A handy beard chart. If anyone knows anyone with a wizard beard...I want to know.

7. If anyone has half as many plastic Easter eggs as I do, this snake craft is super fun. And hey, even if it only lasts a few days before being crunched by the boogey least now you have an excuse to throw them away.

8. The least appetizing recipe I have ever come across: Hardtack.
All these years of book reading I pictured a dried out biscuit, which is bad enough, but the real thing is decidedly worse.

9. Wherein did Christ's humiliation exist?
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Those Russia photos are amazing! So cool. Red Square hasn't changed much. =)

And the Tsar bell and cannon are still on display on the Kremlin grounds...looking exactly like that!

But did you notice how sooty St. Basil's is?

My older brothers went through a phase of their life that involved a lot of hardtack. We ate it like it was going out of style. :D