Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 26

1. Overwhelmed by Moby Dick or the Count Of Monte Cristo? Here's a list of 20 classic novels you can read in one sitting.

2. For all of us who ever tried to dig a hole to China: Vintage How-To plans for an underground pirate cave.

3. I discovered this week that I cannot quilt. Quilting is to sewing what baking is to cooking. If I could quilt however, I would make this totally awesome Mad Hatter Tea Set.

4. If anyone else finds dyeing stuff as addicting as I do (must resist dyeing bedsheets). Here's a ton of resources all helpfully linked together on one page.

5. Most homemade gifts for guys don't really work for the men in my life. Homemade sweater? Book bag? Cufflinks? Can't really picture it. This chess set made out of bullets though would totally fit the bill.

6. I know paint bag writing has been around for awhile, but I just rediscovered it. I'm thinking the kids school hour will get a much needed infusion of fun this week.

7. I need these chutes in my kitchen... one going to the compost/chicken scraps and one going to the garbage can.

8. After years of never having it on hand, I finally broke down and bought sesame oil (major confession since there are several recipes I have that absolutely require it). Consequently, sesame peanut noodles are a constant lunch companion these days. (I use soba or mung bean noodles for the GF factor)

9. How does Christ execute the office of a King?
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Just wanted to say that I LOVE your Stop and Smell the Skunk Cabbage posts. You come across such interesting things. I particularly liked the list of books in this one.