Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 24

1. A new cosmetic bag can make you feel better about all the broken pencils and shattered eye shadow you dump into it. Here's a free pdf pattern and tutorial for a really cute one. They make great gifts too.

2. Anti-wine. "Free from any dictates of tradition." Apparently they mix up different grapes all willy nilly without any attempt to "color within the lines". Their red wine is "Johannes Brahms’ Double Concerto in A Minor meets Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys.” Uber cool or a potential subset of snobbery? The coolest thing however are their wine labels which sport Bruegel the Elder's "beekeeper". He was one badass artist in the 16th century.

3. OCD chef cutting board. If you are obsessed with cutting your vegetables exactly perfect...they now have a cutting board for all your psychiatric needs.

4. Cuddled eggs. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? Have I been missing out this whole time? Huggled hash? Cozzied pie?

5. We've been sick so much this year, that I have to say I was almost tempted to buy these nostril filters. Just tape these bad babies over your nose and wha laa... a proverbial castle gate against allergens and viruses. Add rubber gloves, a face mask and protective eye goggles and I think we might be able to go out in public.

6. The mom's eyes in this picture have gotten a hold of me and are haunting me. She's holding her dead baby, and it's such a horrifyingly private and grief stricken moment to have preserved. Apparently collecting pictures of dead babies is a hobby, and has a thriving business on Ebay. The whole article is morbidly fascinating.

7. Catechism question for the week. How does Christ execute the office of redeemer?
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I got lost for hours on the Perpetual Kid site. The OCD cutting board sucked me in. Got lots of Christmas ideas. Thanks!