Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 23

1. Beet root pesto. I know it sounds weird, but it's oh so beautiful. Such a rich gorgeous color you almost never see in relation to dinner. I want to plan a whole party around the notion.

2. More kids room decor. Good boys themes are sometimes hard to find, but I don't know any boy (or girl for that matter) who wouldn't think this room looked super fun.

3. Nerd out over a cross section of a wok and how it works.

4. A cool interactive map of changing demographics. Watch population growth and decline, changes is racial and ethnic concentrations, and patterns of housing development. Is it worrisome that it looks like everyone is moving out of the central U.S.?

5. Mintronics. A fully stocked electronics kit contained in a mint can. I mention this for anyone who's married to someone like Jim.

6. For everyone who gets a high out of a good deal. There is now a site that tracks and projects price drops on Amazon. I can see this being a huge help for finding the best deal on Amazon.

7. The idea of using Golden Book pages to create a storybook gown reminds me of several ill fated project runway dresses, and one in particular. But I can't help but think this golden book gown is charming and well done. Somebody definitely made it work.

8. Using tampons to get drunk? Apparently teenagers are soaking the things in vodka so they don't have to worry about the tell tale alcohol breath.

9. Transglutaminase. The glue that holds your chicken nuggets and california rolls together. Meat glue! It's all very facinating in an Elmers meets Betty Crocker kind of way...a new twist on kindergartners glue and pasta.

10. Prevue your child in utero. A belt that you can strap on your growing belly and watch your child. If I understand correctly, it uses ultrasound technology to create a simulation of what your baby is doing. Seems perhaps like a land mine of extra worry?

11. Magnetic paint. Seems like this would be a useful commodity in kids rooms...from toddler to teenager.

12. An inflatable carseat. Is that like sitting on an airbag or more like trying to protect your kid with a balloon?

13. Whew, catechism question for the week. What does Christ do as our redeemer?
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