Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 22

1. These Hoof shoes are admittedly weird, and at first glance mildly disturbing. But somehow I got to thinking about Narnia inspired looks, or costume parties.

2. Has anyone ever heard of a shooter sandwich? Is this some sort of delicious Joey type thing I'm entirely missing out on? I really love the principle behind this sandwich, even though I probably wouldn't pick steak and mushrooms.

3. Always on the look out for new things to do with my hair. ( an ongoing losing battle). The easiest hair do in the world? Hm...

4. There's the "when-I-get-my-***- together" dream house, the "if-I-win-the-lottery" dream house, and the "when-I-fly-to-the-moon-for-weekends" dream house. This pool belongs in the last one...with mermaids.

5. If Mario bros were a first person shooter game.

6. Gotta hate it when you find amazing things on Etsy, and sit there wondering how in the world? Vases made from vintage books.

7. This nursery rhyme app is getting a bad rep for absentee parenting. But I can see it being really useful for deployed dad's.
*cough* One of the many ways e-readers will probably change the way we read *cough*

8. If you're looking for ways to break into your phone/computer/whatever, without scratching it and voiding the warranty: Apparently old credit cards do the job nicely.

9. This looks like a fun, colorful and cheap twist on the old chore chart. Job balls. Odd name.

10. Catechism question for the week. How did Christ, being the Son of God, become man?
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

Ez the pic for number 3 is the same as number 4 (just thought you would want to know :)

Also I always love these posts. Keep it up!

Thanks! I fixed it. Sorry about that. :-P

Those vases are amazing.