Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol. 21

1. Decorate with vintage doilies. These lace vases almost looked like they were carved out of white bark or something. I was surprised how whimsical they looked, although I imagine in real life it might be difficult to keep it from looking cheesy, it's nevertheless a cool idea.

2. Adorable Miss Eyre crocheted wristwarmers/cuffs. I'm sure these would look ridiculous on me (not Bethany) but they make me want to attempt learning (yet again) crotchet.

3. Dude took photos inside a glacier. They look unreal. As in, something you dream about or see Hollywood make up on a computer. I almost want to take a spoon to some of them...they look like blue raspberry jello.

4. A clean house is the sign of a wasted life. I need to get me one of these posters.

5. Total sucker for these sort of maps. Here's a gorgeous history and timeline of Science Fiction. Lest you think it's all Darth Vader and Star Trek... Alice In Wondeland and Edgar Allen Poe weave through it as well.

6. Salted caramel chocolate tart. I am not into chocolate much these days, but salted caramel? Wow.

7. Hitlers girlfriend apparently was quite the budding photographer. The personal photos of Eva Braun are now viewable here, and are...I don't know... unnerving? Haunting?

8. One of our favorite authors Laini Taylor, just announced the impending release of her new book. Daughter of Smoke And Bone. Yes, that's's not even out yet and it's already irresistible to me. I might just sell Charlie for a chance to get an ARC.

9. Underwater Hockey. Requirements include but are not limited to...drysuits, holding your breath for a long time, and being crazy enough to play hockey upside down.

10. Heavy metal meets fairyland? Christina Hendricks (The chick who plays Saffron in Firefly and Joan in Mad Men) models a new line of jewelry from Vivienne Westwood.

11. Catechism question for the week. Who is the Redeemer?
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