Stop And Smell The Skunk Cabbage Vol . 18

1. Can't get into heart shaped candies this Valentines day? Try strawberry margarita jello shooters instead.

3Baby girl nurseries that aren't overly cheesy are hard to come by. This red one however, manages to be both refreshing and classy. (Although no self respecting parent would put their child in a room with floor to ceiling french windows/doors unless they enjoyed getting up at 5 a.m. or planned on installing black out curtains.)

3. Quilts are another tricky thing to decorate with, but you can't help but mentally design the perfect Harry Potter/Nanny McPhee room when you check out this owl quilt.

4. Ever gone thrifting (or hit a huge sale), and were unable to resist buying a pair of shoes too small for you? Here's a tutorial on how to stretch them and make them the correct size.

5. Something I wish there was a tutorial for... This film photograph bracelet is amazing and if anyone has any ideas how to make one, I'm begging you to email us.

6. Neil Gaiman talks about how piracy helped sell his books.

7. Ironic but unrelated to the above, Catechism Question for the week. What is sinful about man's fallen condition?
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ooh, I love that red nursery! How pretty

Thanks for linking to my owl quilt!