Stop and smell the skunk cabbage Vol. 12

(The most recent of Sergey Larenkov's haunting melded images of WWII era and modern day Russia)

2. Where's Neil Gaiman when you need him? A beautiful tribute album to the works of Neil Gaiman (the Coraline pieces are amazing.)

3. How to make Elf Slippers.

6. Geekily awesome wedding ring.

7. Pretty much the best crowns ever.

8. There was something like this by my house, and I (Bethany) laughed every time we passed by it.

9. Super cute swimsuits (for 50% off).

10. Creepily fascinating wave organ made of recycled gravestones (and apparently sounding like a gurgling stomach).

11. The darker side of Winnie the Pooh and Co.

13. Gorgeous leather filigree masks (*swoon*). If I (Bethany) owned one of these, I'm pretty sure I'd be planning a masquerade ball every three weeks. Thanks to Jessica Martin for passing this along!

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