Swiffer Magic

Somehow my dog got fleas right after he started shedding like a down pillow in a knife fight. My vacuum saw this as a golden opportunity to stop working and my back up vacuum has peer pressure issues.

It was so bad that if you dropped something on the floor, a little cloud of dog hair poofed up in the air and went swirling in a million different directions. Anything that touched the floor had to go straight to the wash. I tried sweeping with a broom, but only succeeded in whipping up tornadoes of dog hair to torment our lungs with. Such was the nature of my desperation that I borrowed my uncle's shop vac and vacuumed every square inch of the house with the tiny nozzle. Two hours, five spiders, and one trip to empty the canister, my house was finally dog free. The whole thing of course had to be done on my hands and knees which had given up in protest and ceased to feel any pain (until I woke up in the morning). It felt so good to have a clean house though, that it was a small price to pay.... until the next day.

Less that 24 hrs after my session of housekeeping torture, my kids were sporting whiskers of dog hair stuck to their sweaty little faces. Lunch was back to peanut butter and dog hair sandwiches, and sure enough, if you ran your hand across any section of my floor, you would come back with enough dog hair to crochet a mini hat. How is that even possible? What kind of black magic causes a German shepherd to start shedding like that in the middle of September?

It's a good thing I like our dog, because....yeah.

This level of dog hair was absolutely horrifying, so I got down to business and made myself a swiffer.

All you need is...

A trowel stolen from your husband's toolbox...

The handle to a broken pool net...

One of those microfiber towels you keep for dusting and car detailing.

And some sewing pins.

Put it all together....

And whala! Swiffer magic. The clouds of dog hair can now be vanquished. It took approx 47 seconds to put together, cost absolutely nothing and is 100% green. Just take off the dirty microfiber towels and toss in the wash. This beauty also swivels way better than the swiffers from a thousand Walmarts and can be dissassembled and used for other things (like their original purposes...ahem).

Next time you are stuck in a dirty house with a shedding dog and two broken vacuums, remember... there is always a way.
1 sprinkles of fairy dust:

YES. we have a regular vacuum, a hand-held Dirt Devil thing, and Dirt Devil thing with a long handle, a giant microfiber Swiffer AND multiple brooms. and these for super-short-haired dogs that don't even that shed much. it's crazy. dog hair every where.