Yea or Nay?


I know it's Saturday and everybody has way better things to do than sit around and read blogs, so hey, here's something sweet and simple. How do you feel about some of the options for accessories today? Yea or Nay?

1. Socks with Sandals

Considered for quite some time to be a top fashion faux pas up there along with, oh, VPL and such, socks with sandals have now inexplicably leaped into the world of haute couture (although come to think about it, is anything explicable about haute couture?). Much has been made of this strange new phenomenon. Has this changed your opinion of socks with sandals?

2. Mixed Media Jewelry

Whether constructed by layering individual necklaces or mismatching parts to make a new whole, mixed media necklaces are everywhere. Suddenly Anthropologie and even Forever 21 look like they are being supplied by Etsy. Love the style, or can't wait for something new to roll in and replace it?

3. Jeggings

Jeggings are pretty much what they sound like... jean-like leggings. Someone apparently thinks that they've found the missing link between accessories and clothing. Which are they, or which should they be? Some (like the above) look and feel like denim, others are leggings with a denim print on them.

Comfy-cosy new option, or unpleasant fad?
3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

1. Nay
2. Yay
3. Love everything about my jeggings except how they practically fall off my butt when I lean over. They need elastic in the waist like regular leggings! I guess that would sort of ruin the look... ?

The jeggings I'm wearing in that pic do have an elastic waist, which would probably ruin the look if I weren't so shortwaisted that there isn't a chance in the world that that shirt would ever ride up enough for it to be visible. Heheh. Not sure what someone with a longer torso would do though!

Socks with Sandals - i love everything haute couture, but i would never wear that and i hope i never see anyone on the street wearing them. fashion belongs on the runway and in magazines and on 6'2 105-pound models, not on every day people!

Mixed Media Jewelry - love, but wouldn't wear myself only because not much of a jewelry person (or, when i am, i'm extremely minimalist). it's cute on a lot of people though.

Jeggings - it's a toss-up. i could NOT wear them myself(enormously fat thighs and muffin top, anyone??). however, i know some people who can pull them off-- and i'm definitely going with the first option: ACTUAL denim, not "denim print".