Mittens and Gauntlets and Gloves, Oh My! - Tutorial and Giveaway


Mittens? In the summer? Ridiculous.

Or is it?

I'm one of those people who dresses for summer and then walks into an air conditioned room and catches a cold. It sure feels unfair to have a cold in the middle of the summer.

The obvious remedy of course is to carry a sweater or cardigan or some such thing around everywhere. Which, in the middle of summer, honestly also feels a bit unfair.

So, mittens? Maybe, but besides the fact that they'd look out of place, they make it kind of difficult to do normal everyday activities such as, oh, typing or turning book pages.

Enter fingerless gloves, armwarmers, cuffs, and gauntlets. Covering wrists, arms, and the whole range from ultranerdy to uberartsy, they now rival purses and shoes on my list of top most practical accessories. What sweater folds up small enough to stuff in the bottle pocket of a diaper bag? There's generally a couple in the bag at all times, since they can even double as baby legwarmers in a pinch.

Availability in stores varies, but it is easy to make a pair at home. Just follow the world's easiest tutorial.

Choose a pair of knee socks and cut places for fingers and thumb.

You're done!

Wear them pulled up over your elbow for maximum strength or scrunched down for just a little extra hint of warmth.

(After awhile, the raw edges will curl and fray, so you may prefer to take the additional couple minutes to finish them off. I like them curly.)

Now I could give away these, but that would be kind of silly as you now know how to make them in twenty seconds.

So instead I have a gorgeous pair of Jessica McClintock black velvet fingerless gloves (size small) shaped along the same lines as my cheater pair but made with ever so much more finesse. I have a pair just like it, and they can go equally well to a ball or a ball game.

(They are attached to each other.... I don't have one superscrawny arm, heheh.)

If you would like a pair of fingerless gloves for yourself, a gift, or any other purpose, leave us some comment love below and make our day by "following" us. The giveaway ends a week from today, Thursday, August 12th (if nobody enters, I guess I'll have to grow a couple extra arms).

To recap, a winner will be chosen randomly from anyone who lives in the continental U.S. and...

A) Follows our blog

B) Leaves a comment on this post.

9 sprinkles of fairy dust:

they look great on your long elegant arms... but for those of us, well ok ME with short squatty arms.. I can't imagine how I could ever fashionably pull such a look off... Do you really get that cold in the summer? =)

Only when there is AC running! Which, when my husband has his choice, is as much as possible! ;)

And yes, I do have long arms, although of course I think of them as double jointed monkey arms. ;) I forgot to mention that that's a reason I like fingerless gloves in the winter; long sleeves rarely cover my wrists.

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Ha! I love carrying clothes around to make a "fashion" statement about ACed buildings and hate myself every time I forget. In fact few things warm my ice cold heart like wearing my social commentary. Pity the fool whose innocuous question unassumingly opens a space by an for an exposition on it. But what really makes my day is when deluded, irritable self-righteousness gets to slaughter over-confident, condescending smugness.

Unfortunately I'm afraid your fashionable gloves would be too small and wouldn't communicate the right tone of peevishness I'm looking for.

I think your exquisite discomfort would nicely accentuate your peevishness!

Love 'em! And I'd particularly like a new pair since I recently lost one of my favorite black and white polka dotted wrist warmers... frankly, I'm devastated. Those lovelies in your picture might ease the pain. ;-)

Oh my gosh, I love 'em. I'm a huge fan of layering clothes.

Great way to recycle (or upcycle as I like to call it.) I love it and would love to see you post this at my linky party Upcycled Awesome!

Would love a cute pair of armwarmers...I ALWAYS get cold at church. Why must they blast the AC so?