Accessories for Babies


So cute that it's a temptation to treat them as clothing rather than simply accessories, the modern incarnation of cloth diaper covers is the new high fashion for babies. And Gen-Y offers some of the cutest covers on the market.

Besides being cute, Gen-Y covers offer a generous range of sizing and side snaps that are easy for a parent to handle but less attractive to little fingers. Both the covers and wetbags are made of sturdy PUL that keeps the smells in. And just today, their minky covers and wet bags are being clearanced out at 35% off of their sale prices with coupon code goinggoing (Do I sound enough like an ad? I haven't even mentioned their awesome customer service yet :P I promise I'm not being paid).

So if you have a little imp running around your house or know of someone who does, check out the Gen-Y clearance sale or the rest of their amazingly adorable diaper covers. 'Cus, you know, even babies need accessories.

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