"She knew at once that he was Peter Pan..."

"She knew at once that he was Peter Pan. If you or I or Wendy had been there we should have seen that he was very like Mrs. Darling's kiss. He was a lovely boy clad in skeleton leaves and the juices that ooze out of trees, but the most entrancing thing about him was that he had all his first teeth. "

Are you ready, Tinker Bell?" he called out, "Ay, ay." "Then lead the way".

"He does so need a mother" Jane said "Yes I know" Wendy admitted rather forlornly "no one knows it so well as I"

Not a sound, not a movement; and yet he knew well that sudden death might be at the next tree or stalking him from behind. He swore this terrible oath: 'Hook or me this time'
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sniff sniff - Jamie got a haircut!!! But what a handsome Peter Pan he makes. :) I LOVE these.

I know! It was devastating. It still makes me want to cry, but since he's not really Peter Pan, I guess I can't stop him from growing up. *grump grump*

Awww! So cute! A perfect Peter Pan. :-)

he looks soooo different! So grown up. That is so fun, Connor would LOVE something like that. That, or Robin Hood.

OMYGOODNESS. How did Jamie grow up so quickly? All it took was a haircut? Yiiikkkkes. (and adorable!)

Love these. Jamie makes a perfect peter pan. Now to get Lexi in CA so she can pose as a porcelain skinned, read headed tinker bell...I'll work on that.

Absolutely darling! He's a perfect Peter Pan for sure!