5 Things To Do When Swimming In The Ocean

1. Swim at sunset. The sun catches and sparkles on pyrite sand mixed in the water, and it looks like you're swimming in a sea of gold. It is breath taking. Who can have a bad day after swimming in shimmering, liquid gold?

2. Do a hand-stand in between waves. If you've ever admired people who could walk on their hands...this is your chance. The water sucking back towards the incoming wave will pull you along like training wheels. This is your chance to pretend to be in the circus.

3. Do the horizontal cannonball. Instead of the usual jumping off a diving board and getting pool water in someone's iced tea, wait for a big set of waves (patience is the key) and as soon as it towers above you and you can feel it pulling at your feet... tuck and roll. It's better than any roller coaster. (don't forget to plug your nose)

4. Body surf. Don't have a surfboard? No problem, you can body surf by free-styling it like a crazy person just as a wave starts to break. When the wave catches up with you and picks you up, put the arm that happens to be in front out like you're telling someone to stop, and use it to push against the force of water trying to pull you down. It's your very own, God given surf fin.

5. Do the surfer shuffle. Ignore your Mom's nagging to pick up your feet and stop shuffling. In the ocean those cute sand sharks are harmless, but the sting rays you never see will get you (especially in the early morning when crowds of people haven't scared them yet). They are shy little creatures and won't sting you as long as you don't step on them. ...hence the shuffle.

Summer has officially started here in San Diego! Go enjoy some salt water.
4 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I really really really don't like the beach. Gritty sand, freezing water, sunburns... not my idea of fun. I'll stay in the shade, thank you very much. ;-)

Gotta say, never swam in the sunset without the water being freezing. Worse idea is sitting around spending time on the beach during the sunset, only to forget what a bad idea it is to jump in the water an hour or two later.

I think you left out the most fun thing to do in the ocean.... but this is a family friendly blog, so I guess I understand. ::halo::

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