Asian Cuisine #5 - Lee's Sandwiches

This entry has no tutorial except go to, find the closest location, and go get the best sandwich of your life.

When Esther and I started this blog, we joked that we would review everything... except restaurants. When Uncle Orson reviews restaurants, it drives us mad because everything sounds so amazing and is on the other side of the country for crying out loud. But we are justifying Lee's because, well, there is the slight possibility that there might be one nearby you. It is in four countries, in five states and supposedly on its way into several more.

Let me start out by saying I don't really like sandwiches. Before getting pregnant with Jack, I didn't even really like bread. I ordered burgers lettuce wrapped just to avoid the dry, tasteless, pointless bun. Don't get me started on my feelings about Subway/Quiznos/Togos. Soggy sandwich-meat-that-doesn't-taste-like-meat haunts my memory (Schlotzy's aren't quite that bad).

I am a bona fide Lee's Sandwich addict though. Just ask my husband, and hear him laugh. In my opinion, any occasion is a good excuse to pick up some Lee's.

After starting out as a catering truck business, Lee's Sandwiches opened its first storefront location in my hometown the year I was born. I ate there well before they revamped their style to offer a fusion of Vietnamese sandwiches with European style baguettes and croissants. We brought food from there for Esther and her family to try when they were in town. This past Saturday, my husband and I pulled out the stroller and took Jack for a walk down there to enjoy the glorious weather and even more glorious food.

They truly offer something for everyone. My personal favorite is overflowing with both grilled and barbecued meat... none of that thin sliced, weird tasting sandwich meat for me. Spicy, hearty, and perfectly stuffed in a freshly baked baguette that is an amazing blend of crispy crusty outside and fluffy meltaway inside.... pure bliss. The baguettes are so yummy that I have yet to try a sandwich on croissant, and I adore croissants. There is also a selection of dessert pastries as well as a full range of coffee, smoothies, and other drinks, including pearl and Thai teas.

Uh oh, hear that sound? That's my stomach growling for a Lee's sandwich. I may be pushing the number of times a person should eat at one place per month. I know that Lee's is rather tenuously considered Asian food at this point, but hey, I'm no snob. Bring it on.
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