Stop And Smell the Skunk Cabbage Vol. 1

Skunk Cabbage... not quite the same as stopping to smell the roses, but interesting perhaps.

Since the internet is infamously sluggish (ie dead) on Sundays, here's a list of links that intrigued, amused, enlightened, or helped us this week.

1. A free book. A real free book, by a bestselling author, you know, the kind you buy at Barnes and Noble. Warbreaker, by Brandon Sanderson. It's about a young girl who is forced to marry the king. Kind of a re-telling of the story of Esther (ahem)...cept with magic.

2. A photoshoot...with bubbles! Inpiring and pretty.

3. Lemons + Vodka = Yumminess. Tutorial for making your own lemoncello. If you want to look truly Italian, sip a small glass of it after dinner.

4. Tired of dealing with stupid people on the internet? So is T-rex.

5. Eyjafjallajokull. Can't pronounce the volcano in Iceland? Neither can journalists. It's beautiful and terrifying though.

6. Mad Scientist ABC blocks. Instead of A for apple and Z for zebra, it's A is for appendages and Z for zombies. So cool.

7. Starting over with the shorter catechism. What is the chief end of man?
1 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I love all of these links! Downloaded the book ... we'll see if I actually get to reading it though. :) I seem to do better if it's actually in my hands rather than the comp.

The bubble pictures are awesome. I am actually planning to make Isabella's 3rd birthday a bubble theme. I think it would be so fun!

And the volcano pictures are incredible. I have a bunch of relatives in Iceland, but I haven't heard how it's affecting them.

And does it even need to be said how tempting that limoncello recipe is???