To haunt your daydreams

Reviews call Mirrormask "a demented fairy tale," and I call it one of my guilty not-so-secret secrets. I love this movie passionately, and all my friends and family and curious acquaintances think I am insane. Everyone has his or her own preferences when it comes to art, humor, story, etc, and apparently Mirrormask combines versions of each to form a concoction to suit tastes so remote (ahem, uh) esoteric (whew) that it baffles and bores my friends but delights me (I hear that there are many other people love this movie too, but I have yet to meet these kindred spirits). In my mind, the only way this movie could have been better would have been if it had actually included Muppets. I am sure Sweetums would blend right in.

But I'm reviewing the soundtrack here. Quirky, frenetic, and lovely, full of unique melodies and possibly a lot less freaky if you don't already associate it with evil cats sporting human faces. You don't have to have a particular remote sense of humor to appreciate Iain Ballamy's creative and unforgettable score. My husband gave me the CD along with the movie for Valentine's two years ago, and my copies of both are well worn. Did I mention that the music helps greatly with the illusion that housework can have an element of the fantastical? Stunning in every way.
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I refuse to believe that there is anything that would not be improved by Sweetums.