Mice and Man

We used to have a normal computer with a normal monitor on a normal desk in a normal room. Then everything went crazy, and now we have a new computer on a giant TV screen in a room with no chairs, yep, our bedroom.

My husband loves this setup, but frankly I'm not a huge fan. It's hard to get in the mood for some serious writing when you're reclining in bed. What, I'm complaining about reclining in bed?? Well, that's another story, one which I am happy to say includes my husband giving me a shiny laptop so I can.... sit at a desk again, hahaha.

This story, like so many others, starts with a problem. This problem, unlike so many others, starts with a mouse and a (small) man.

Jack is already in love with technology. Cell phones are his favorite (yum yum), but mice and keyboards vie for the next spot in his affections.

He has enough love for them all.

Having his own computer gear does not decrease his interest in the real thing. Thus we decided that using corded keyboard and mouse was no longer practical.

Besides offering the opportunity for Jack to create magnificent knots that would confound a boy scout, wires complicated the process of the Grand Escape. Wires only go so far, and in this case "so far" meant "from the computer to the very foot of the bed." Whenever Jack would lose interest in his laptop and hurl himself in the general direction of the parent who was huddled typing awkwardly at the end of the bed, there was only so much range of motion. Did I mention that also at some point the other parent would generally barrel through the room on a mission of some sort or another and trip on the cords?

All in all a bad situation. So how could we possibly go from huddled to reclining?

Enter a wireless keyboard and mouse. These lovelies may easily be whipped out of the way of grabby little hands, moved to the head of the bed, the floor, the dresser, or whatever is the most convenient. So long as the sensor is in the front of the computer and the tools are faced forward, everything works marvelously. A little too marvelously. Mmm, time for a nap....
2 sprinkles of fairy dust:

my Jack and your Jack continue to be "related". Must be the name. My Jack has a deep and abiding affinity for cell phones, mice and power cords. :P ACK! Why are toys just not good enough?

What?! Jealous. I want to lay in bed and be online.