Introducing "Flash Fiction Friday"

We have secrets here at Fairytales and Frenchfries.
We write.

Maybe that seems obvious, but it gets worse.
We write fiction. Novels even (or are in the process of working on them).

Admitting this seems a little bit like pasting a big, fat "delusional" sticker on our foreheads. But everyone has to start somewhere and you can't get better if you don't write, and you can't get better if you don't actually let people read what you write.

So we're throwing our hats over the fence (or in this case our laptops, notepads and plot charts), by posting a piece of Flash Fiction every Friday. (flash fiction is a 1000 words or less)

Click through for more than the opening sentence. Bethany's is first, then mine. We are both working off of writing prompts out of Gail Carson Levine's book Writing Magic. (which we will review at some point in time).



They met on the stairsteps in the middle of the afternoon.


The ghost was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

3 sprinkles of fairy dust:

I loved both of your stories! :) The ghost school plot has me very intrigued, Ez.

I like them both! Give us more! :)

Metal limbs?

Marshmallow guns?

I like.